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Iheartjanissa Iheartjanissa 24 February 2020

What Happened to this Wiki?

Hi! I stumbled upon this wiki and noticed how barren it was. As a theatre kid I'm really sad to see this! Especially because the musical theatre fandom is so prevelent now. Just wanted to know what happened to this wiki and if I can help. :) 

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Gleek4glee Gleek4glee 22 January 2011

Rebuilding the Wikia

Hi guys! I'm new here. here. I see that this Wikia doesn't have many users. I want whoever started this Wikia to make a backround and everything! I want this Wikia to be as beautiful as Glee Wikia. Also, I think that we should be able to make comments on the pages.


Quinny Bolton-Chenoweth-Streisand 14:03, January 22, 2011 (UTC)

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